The Order of Grandmont and churches treasures

The Order of Grandmont reigned in France, Spain and England from the 12th to the 18th century, with a great number of churches.

There is nothing left of the great abbey today, but you can still see the lovely chapel. A few treasures remain, such as the Ambazac church reliquary, as well as numerous ponds, built by hermits (called “Les Bonshommes”) for fishing purposes.

The Grandmont Relics in the Ambazac hills and Val du Taurion area :

  • In Les Billanges : a statue of St Etienne de Muret and an arm reliquary of St Félicien
  • In St Sylvestre : a 15th century bust reliquary of St Etienne de Muret, and a gold and silver phylactery, given to the Order of Grandmont by Guy de MONTVALLIER, in the 13th century.
  • In St Priest Taurion : A 13th century processional cross, decorated with “champlevé” enamel, from the old Grandmont Abbey.