Attractions and exhibitions

The Valadon’s Center (Bessines)

This centre is entirely dedicated to Suzanne Valadon, the first French woman to have been accepted at the famous “Société Nationale des Beaux Arts “. Guided tours (booking required) and self-guided tours

Opening hours : see Bessines Tourism Office hours

Montméry’s Farm buildings

The only vestiges of the castle of Montméry are its two 17th century farm buildings. Visitors can take tours of the site.

The vestiges are classified Historical Monuments (1991).


Ambazac’s mineral and petrography museum

The museum is located in the centre of Ambazac, by the church, library and Tourism Office. It has a large car park (Place du 19 Mars) nearby. The museum is wheelchair friendly. It revolves around 2 main themes :

  • Mineralogy and petrography

3.000 mineral samples and 500 petrographic samples are on display in this 4-storey museum.

Come set off on a journey to the origins of our planet. This museum has a beautiful collection of fossils and rocks from all over the world. Discover Limousin’s mining productions on a guided (or self-guided) tour, whether you are a novice or a minerals expert, on your own or with your family.

  • The Izis’s center

This exhibition is dedicated to Izis, the great Humanist and photographer, who was a refugee in Ambazac during WWII. The Izis’s center was created by Jean-Michel Ponty and revolves around the photographer’s personal lab. It is a showcase dedicated to his art. A film by Marc Wilmart (Hervé White MDD Production) introduces visitors to the friendly photographer. The 1st exhibition contains 38 photographs, selected by his son, Manuel Bidermanas.

Come and take a stroll through Izis’s works, and their various themes. The exhibition will change throughout the seasons.

Ambazac’s library

Avenue de la Libération

Tel : 05 55 56 85 76

Email: :

The Lieue’s Dolmen

This splendid (private property) dolmen is located on a public hiking path, near Domaine de Muret. It is quite well preserved and sits boldly amongst a thicket in the Lieue’s forest. Notice the piles of rocks around the dolmen. These tumuli are cairn vestiges. This is one of Haute-Vienne’s finest dolmens. Bones and bronze were also discovered nearby