The medieval church in Jabreilles les Bordes

This medieval church is a classified Historical Monument. Its wood-carved architecture is similar to the gateways found in Jesuit Institutions.


This gorgeous 13th-15th century church has a typical porch containing a wooden stairway leading to the bell-tower. The octagonal bell-tower is also typical of the Limousin region, and its roof is made of chestnut tiles. There are many paintings on the walls, representing 15th century figures.

Lithophany is the innovative technique used to restore the church’s stained-glass windows in Jabreilles les Bordes. Lithophany is a technique which began in the 19th century but is no longer used today.

It is a reminder of the importance of porcelain in Limousin: it involves impressing porcelain objects with figures that become translucent when light is placed within or behind them.